These events at the Meditation Center are offered by outside parties and do not necessarily reflect our teachings. For a more complete list, visit our calendar of events. 

Yoga with David Schoenberg (Private)

Tuesdays 9:30 – 10:45am
Meditation Building (on the right when you drive in)

These classes take place in the Meditation Building on the right hand side when you drive into the property.

This class is a beginner level class. Standing and other introductory poses are practiced. This does not mean easy, but accommodating with the use of props so as to assume the most benefit from each position (asana). The Iyengar method’s emphasis is placed on precision and alignment in all asana’s. This is important because only when we are in alignment or engaging our body mind and breath correctly can all aspects of our self follow suit and evolve.

The last Tuesday of each month is restorative. This is a class where the effort is focused on relaxing the body and calming the mind and nervous systems. Beginning Pranayama (breathing) is also introduced.

No registration is required, $15 per class.
For more information or to contact David Schoenberg, you can visit his website:

David Schoenberg Yoga pose photo

Yoga & Somatics with Darlene Carman (Private)

Moving you towards your best self!

Fridays starting February 9, 2018
9:00am to 10:15am – Meditation Building (on right)
Cost: $15.00 drop-in (inquire about multiple-class discount)


Building on the foundation mindfulness, this class guides and encourages you to explore inner connection. Through the practice of yoga and natural movement patterns, each class is a unique exploration of sensation, strength and stillness. By moving at a kind pace, you will enhance mental ease, emotional steadiness, mobility and freedom. 

You will learn how to release tight muscle patterns from a somatic approach without forcing or pulling, but instead by reeducating yourself on how to move in such a way that promotes ease. You will actually teach your brain how to recognize your body to move you in comfort!

Join us! All ages, all levels

To Register for this event or for more information visit her website:

Yoga & Meditation with Linda Fiske (Private)

Weekly on Thursday evenings; Meditation Hall (unless otherwise noted)

This class will feature breath work, movement and sacred sound designed to rejuvenate the body, cleanse the mind and lift the spirit. Students can expect yogic segments with standing and seated postures, powerful pranayam, and mantra meditation that allow for a re-calibration of both our physical and subtle energy. By opening the body and raising our vibration we create a positive environment to become healthier, happier and our best selves.

All levels are welcome.

For questions or further information please contact Linda at (203) 938-7092 or

Fee: $15 per session; no pre-registration required


Songs of Tibetan Bells Sound Journey with Carol Essig (Private)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018, May 15, 2018 & June 12, 2018 (7pm)
Meditation Building on right
Cost: $35; Please register below.

Sound therapy is a healing modality that has been used throughout creation. The ancients have incorporated sound vibration in their ceremonies, rituals and healing.  We are familiar with hearing drums, Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, bells, chanting and singing in many spiritual practices and celebrations.  Every part of our bodies is made up of  a frequency of energy or resonance.  Every organ and every cell has its own frequency. Sound Healing/Therapy uses the vibration/frequency of a sound, instrument or tool (I.e., Himalayan singing bowls, drums, etc.) to bring our bodies back into balance.  Imbalances can occur because of illness, toxicity, stress, etc.  Sound allows us to by-pass the mind and bring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies back into alignment and balance which promotes self-healing. Some of the benefits of sound therapy/healing are: stress release, promotes mental clarity, enhances the immune system, raises your vibration and frequency, increases spiritual awareness, activates/heightens consciousness, and clears/attunes chakras.

During my Vibrations of Tibet Sound Immersion you will be sitting or laying in a relaxed position while listening to the resonance of  different Himalayan/Tibetan bowls.  I  also use chimes, bells and other instruments.  During the immersion I will tone sounds which are channeled from the higher realms.  These sounds transmit energy to help in the realignment of any discord and to elevate frequency levels in the body and energy field.  These activations are specific to the group that is present at the time.

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the immersion.  Please wear comfortable clothes.  Bring a yoga mat, blankets, pillow, etc. so that you will be comfortable laying on the floor for an hour or so.  There will be chairs available for those that cannot lay on the floor.  If you would like, please bring crystals or small objects to be placed on the altar. 

To Register for this event or for more information visit her website :

You can email her at or phone her at 203-438-4893

Carol Essig March 2016