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Spring GALA (first Annual): Friday, April 5th, 2019

Thank you all who attended, donated and participated in our Silent Auction. We were able to raise over $3,500 (net) in our inaugural event!


Spring Fundraiser – May 12 to May 31, 2018

Due to a heavy winter and stormy Spring, we are dealing with mounting bills and our donations have not kept up. Our goal is to raise $7,000 by May 31st.

Update (5/30): We’ve raised just above $3,500 so far. We’ve planned a Community Luncheon to try and close the gap!


Ridgefield SummerFest – July 23, 2016

A lovely day to connect with the community, share info about our hidden gem in Redding, and raffle off some amazing prizes! Congrats to those who won, and thanks to the awesome volunteers! See you next year Ridgefield.



** Please Read **

 Weekend of Sunday, June 1 

The Ridgefield Triathlon is happening that Sunday & they have informed us that Picketts Ridge (off Route 7) will be closed from 7:00 to 9:30 am.

Please use an alternate route to Meditation that morning, in case of any delays. Allow a little more time to get to the Center. There are 2 alternate routes that I know of…

Route 7 North, Starrs plain Rd, Starrs Ridge & then onto Picketts Ridge….and there is Route 7 South, Topstone, Simpaug Turnpike & then onto Picketts Ridge.

See google map below:-,-73.44771,13z


New Car for the Monks

We had to replace the Monks subaru recently, due to it breaking down and not worth fixing ~ it would have cost more than it was worth!

We were able to donate the car to Helping Hands of America, when sold the money goes towards the charity of the Association of Blind Citizens.

If anyone is still interested in contributing towards the Car Fund, please go to our donation page, and click to donate.  Please indicate in the “additional comments” section “car fund, so we know that your kind donation has gone towards this.

You are also welcome to send a check addressed to the Redding Center for Meditation, 9 Picketts Ridge Rd, Redding, CT, 06896.  Please indicate in the “memo” section “car fund”.

Thank you for your continued support.

(April 28, 2014)


Interested in reading more about Mahasati Meditation


(February, 2014)


The story behind the Buddha Statue?

If you’ve visited the Meditation Center, you couldn’t help but notice that we have a beautiful Buddha statue. The statue was imported from Thailand and donated by a group of sincere Thai Buddhists from central Connecticut in recognition of our application for recognition by the American Thai Sangha as an official Thai wat, or monastic center.  This is also why we now have a second name on our sign: “Wat Sati-Ma.” While we are still the Redding Center for Meditation, we also now have a Thai name that indicates our official status as a Thai monastic center. In Thai, “wat” means “temple,” and in Pali, “sati-ma” means “to be mindful.”

(October/November 2013)



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