The Dhamma Trainee Program was created as a way to encourage and support a serious and sustained level of practice that will help you move toward realization. There is no financial cost associated with participation in the Program, but there is a level of personal commitment that is required. To make real progress on the path toward the cessation of suffering, an ongoing, serious and determined effort is required. The purpose of the Program is to support that effort under the guidance of an ordained insight meditation master.

While participating in the Program, Trainees commit to the following:

  1. To engage in at least 1 hour of formal practice each day (not necessarily in a single practice session).
  2. To establish the intention to engage in informal practice throughout the day (watching body and mind) to the best of one’s ability.
  3. To attend as many retreats as possible during the course of the year.
  4. Biweekly private consultation with Achan Da or Achan Niphen regarding one’s practice – either in-person at the Meditation Center, or via Skype.

With Achan Niphen still in Thailand (due to the Pandemic), we are currently not offering this service. Feel free to email us with questions: