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New Year 8-Day or 5-Day Residential Retreat

With Thai Forest Monk, Achan Da, and Psychologist Michael Bresnan

From 7:00 PM, Thursday Evening, January 5 to 1:00 PM, Monday, January 12, 2022

Wisdom House Retreat Center, Litchfield, CT


The Centers for Mindfulness & Insight Meditation in Redding, CT and Wenham, MA will team up to hold an 8-day Mahasati insight meditation New Year retreat from Thursday evening, January 5 to 1:00 PM Thursday, January 12Meditators may elect a 5-Day option instead, from 7:00 PM Thursday evening, January 5 to 1:00 PM Monday, January 9. The retreat will be led by Thai Forest monk and meditation master, Achan Da, and Psychologist, Michael Bresnan, at the Wisdom House retreat center, which is situated on 54 acres of meadows, woods, and brooks in the beautiful northwest hills of Connecticut.

Achan Da is an ordained Thai Forest Monk who has been teaching for decades and who practiced under Thai meditation master Luangpor Teean Jittasubho. Achan Da is currently Abbott of our center in Redding, CT. Michael Bresnan is a licensed psychologist who has been practicing insight meditation for over 25 years. He is the founder and Executive Director of our MA and CT centers.

The retreat leaders practice and teach Mahasati Insight meditation, which is a form of Vipassana meditation originating from Southeast Asia. The objective of Mahasati meditation is the elimination of mental and emotional suffering through the clear seeing and understanding of the body and mind in the present moment. The practice is based on the teaching of the 20th-century Thai insight meditation master, Luangpor Teean, and uses attention to the movement of the body as an anchor for mindfulness and insight practice.

This retreat is open to all levels of practitioners and is a wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s meditation practice by allowing one to cultivate self-awareness for an extended period of time without distraction. While the retreat will be conducted mainly in silence, there will also be Dharma talks and question and answer periods. As is the tradition with meditation retreats, all attendees will have a private interview period with Achan Da as a further aid to their practice.

Wisdom House provides an excellent atmosphere for meditation. Wholesome and delicious meals are served, including bread and desserts baked on the premises by the Wisdom House staff chef. Meals will be served in individual boxes for each participant to maximize safety. In addition, each participant will have their own private room, though bathrooms are shared.

The base cost for the full 8-day retreat is $915. The base cost for the 5-day option is $525. These base costs only cover our out-of-pocket costs for the facilities. If you can afford an additional contribution to help offset our ongoing operations, that would be appreciated, though by no means required. Conversely, if you cannot afford the base cost, scholarships are available, and we do our best not to turn anyone away. Registration fees are completely refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the retreat.

Please contact Michael@cfmim.org if you would like more information, or register below.

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